Instru-Zyme® Gel

Instrument Transport Pre-Cleaning Enzyme Gel

This powerful enzyme and detergent formulation is designed to assist in the removal of blood, tissue, mucus and other proteinaceous materials. Use this product with our transport containers* for a simple solution to water and detergent.

Product Shown: IN-1032

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Instru-Zyme Gel

32 oz. Spray Bottle


  • Specific Gravity: 1.020
  • Fragrance: Tropical
  • pH: 7.8
  • Form: Liquid Gel
  • Color: Light Blue
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32 oz. Spray Bottle
6 Bottles Per CaseIN-1032

Product Notes

Will not stain instruments or equipment made of: metal, plastic, glass or rubber



Sustains moisture during transport

Provides a ready-to-use, neutral pH enzyme solution

Reduces heavy instrument transport weight as compared to liquid-filled trays

Minimizes potential exposure due to splashing

Spray applicator for even coverage of soiled areas

No rinsing necessary before automated processing

Material Data Sheet (MDS) available for download above.

*Refer to the transport containers page

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