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InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays are perforated metal trays — or cassettes — with feet, handles, latches, and most often, silicone instrument holders. Various lengths, widths and heights are available to accommodate different sizes and quantities of instruments within a particular set.

The aluminum construction of our trays is lighter than stainless steel, yet more durable than plastic. This makes them more resistant to breakage, which in turn reduces replacement costs. They are also designed with various foot style options to accommodate different sterilization methods and sterile barrier types.

InstruSafe Trays are designed for use with both wrap and rigid containers during sterilization.

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A. ANODIZED ALUMINUM Durable, long-lasting construction provides superior heat transfer and minimizes replacement costs associated with cracking.
B. MOLDED SILICONE INSTRUMENT HOLDERS InstruSafe silicone holders are soft yet durable, with a history of longevity. Our variety of holders accommodate instruments large or small, allowing each instrument to have its own location within the tray.
C. HOLDER BASE OPTIONS Aluminum-based and baseless holders attach with screws for easy removal during cleaning and reconfiguration as sets change. Opt for the lighter weight, baseless holders for improved ventilation and sterilant penetration.
D. REDUCED CONTACT POINTS Each silicone holder is individually designed with ridges and channels built to reduce contact with the instrument while securely holding the instrument in place.
E. PERFORATIONS (GRID PATTERN) Each tray contains a large quantity of perforations that provide maximum sterilant penetration and ventilation.
F. UNIVERSAL SIZING + RETRACTABLE HANDLES Space-saving design fits into most standard rigid containers and allows for sterile removal from containers. Our multi-functional space-saving design fits into rigid containers making it effortless to remove the tray.
G. OFFSET LATCH HOLES Align the cover to the tray base in the correct position ensuring the silicone holders match up with instruments.
H. QUARTER-TURN LATCHES Secures the tray cover to the tray base, providing visual indication of the open/close position. Our off-set latch hole aligns the cover in the correct position ensuring the silicone holders match up with the instruments below.
I. FOOT OPTIONS Sterile barrier and storage needs determine the foot type built into a tray. R Foot: Rounders® Corner Guards prevent tears in sterilization wrap during storage and transportation. TF Foot: Our Tall Foot fits into rigid containers NF Foot: No foot is needed

Get Exactly What You Need. Customizable Trays for Every Instrument.

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