About InstruSafe

InstruSafe is a worldwide provider of surgical instrument protection solutions. From sterile processing to the operating room and back, it is our goal to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality and standards. Our highest priority is to improve surgical outcomes, increase long term savings and aid in patient safety. Our products are engineered with the customer in mind. To ensure the highest level of quality, we subject our tray designs to industry standards such as AAMI so our customers never have to compromise top level service and patient care.

About InstruSafe Trays


Camera Scope + Light Cable Tray (# IN-8620-R)

InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays protect and organize delicate surgical instruments during the sterilization, transport and storage processes. They are highly perforated aluminum trays with silicone feet and retractable handles. Instruments are secured by a large variety of soft and durable silicone holders in the base and cover to provide 360 degrees of protection. The aluminum construction is lighter than steel yet more durable than plastic, therefore more resistant to breakage, reducing the need for frequent replacement. They also improve sterilization by providing optimum heat transfer, superior drainage and sterilant penetration. InstruSafe Trays can be customized to accommodate virtually any set of surgical instruments and after initial purchase can be reconfigured as instrument sets change. They can be wrapped or used in conjunction with rigid sterilization containers and can be sterilized with various sterilization processes. Most InstruSafe Trays are validated for various sterilization cycles: See the full list here.

Our Story

In 1985, InstruSafe was developed through an opportunity brought forward by an ENT operating room nurse. The nurse identified the importance of protecting and organizing delicate and expensive surgical instrumentation sets during the transportation, decontamination and reprocessing cycle. The delicate nature of ENT and plastic surgery instrumentation required an instrument tray that could provide the level of protection necessary to keep the instrumentation in peak surgical condition as well as reduce repair costs. Not often is a revolutionary product for protecting surgical instrumentation created. Thirty years ago InstruSafe began to redefine an industry with unique solutions.

Through time, the reprocessing of surgical instrumentation was moved out of the operating room and into newly formed sterile processing departments. This required more surgical instrumentation and better protection of the sets during transportation to and from the operating room. The growth of minimally invasive surgery has given rise to new generations of more delicate (and more costly) instruments. Meanwhile, instrument tray technology did not advance with the ever improving medical device market. Cost containment pressures have caused some hospitals to transport instruments over long distances, sometimes even out of the building for reprocessing. As a result, surgical instrument repair and replacement costs have increased dramatically in many medical facilities.

In response to these changes in the industry, we strive to achieve three primary goals:

  • Improve Surgical Outcomes – By keeping instruments in their best possible working condition.
  • Increase Long Term Savings – By reducing unnecessary instrument repair and replacement cost.
  • Aid in Patient Safety – By designing products that give instruments maximum exposure to sterilant.

We accomplish our three goals by listening to and working closely with our customers. We also hire personnel with industry experience. The InstruSafe team currently has over a combined 25 years of experience working in sterile processing and the operating room. It is this experience that helps us connect with and understand our customer’s needs. Like the ENT nurse from decades ago, our team today is always looking for better, smarter, more effective ways to solve problems. We are an industry leader in terms of service and quality and remain undeterred in our commitment to deliver solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

At Summit Medical we develop products not just for our customers, but with our customers. Our collaborative approach cultivates innovative medical solutions for the global health care industry. Through excellence in design, supply chain management, manufacturing and customer service we put quality at the forefront in all aspects of our business.

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