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Protection Your Instruments Deserve

We are the OEM tray manufacturer with the validations needed to get your project started or pair with your existing instrument validations.

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you are one of few people; a Sterile Processing Technician, a Perioperative Nurse, someone in infection prevention, or an engineer or stakeholder from a surgical instrument manufacturing company.

This is Instrusafe. A line of customizable sterilization trays & rigid containers designed specifically to house your surgical instruments. Our trays include several options of silicone holders that give your expensive tools 360 of protection.


Our Process

From a single instrument to a full set, delicate or robust; we design and manufacture trays to provide optimal protection while complying with FDA regulations and AAMI standards


Project goals

  • Our first step is to understand what your expectations and goals are, we then work with you to create a project outline and define our deliverables.
  • Provide us with a physical sample or 3D model of the instrument and we can get started.



  • Our process can have as much or as little collaboration as you would like.
  • We can build your ideal tray together or you can rely on our industry experience and end user perspective to recommend a design and direction.



  • Once we have a concept and design our engineers will develop 3D models used for virtual instrument fitting and checking design parameters. This step of the process is cost effective for modifying the design before we manufacture a prototype.
  • The silicone holders are designed specific to your instruments to provide 360 degrees of protection. Finished trays can be sterilized in legally marketed wrap or rigid containers.


Exceeding Expectations

  • From the development process to a completed tray we are determined to outperform your expectations.
  • After your instruments are fitted and all design parameters are met, we manufacture the finished product. Each instrument has its own unique position in the tray.
  • Our trays are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Core Competencies



Our team has years of experience in sterile processing and the operating room. This helps provide a unique end user perspective when developing your project.



Our facilities are ISO 13485 : 2012 Certified, we have CE certifications and an extensive portfolio of Clearances for various sterilization cycles.



Every project is unique. Working together and understanding our customer’s goals is vital to meeting expectations.



Our company culture enables us to establish goals to meet or exceed project timelines and turnaround quick manufacturing lead times.


Designed to ensure optimal sterilization, InstruSafe OEM trays are cleared for various sterilization cycles in both wrap + rigid containers. Each tray meets our criteria to be covered by all our cleared cycles. This gives the customer a complete solution ready for market.

For more information about current sterilization validations go to our Resources page.


Customization Options


Sheet Metal

  • Aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Higher durability than plastic
  • Greater thermal conductive properties than other materials
  • Stainless Steel
  • Withstands high pH washing and disinfecting
  • Higher durability than other materials

Design Options

  • Color Anodization
  • Available on entire tray or individual base and cover with aluminum
  • Dimensions
  • Existing stock sheet metal is available in a variety of sizes
  • New sheet metal can be created for specific needs


  • Custom labeling
  • Part number
  • Branding and logo artwork
  • Available in digital or screen printed
  • IFU/Product Supplement
  • Anodized Logos/Branding
  • Screen Printing
  • Pad Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Annealing

Internal components

  • Customized Components
  • Design components to optimize layout and design
  • New molds specific for instrumentation
  • Water jet cut blanks specific for instrumentation
  • Molded holders made to specification
  • Standard Components
  • Over 200 pre-designed parts
  • Dividers, posts, small parts organizers
  • Medical Grade Silicone (blue or black colors available)
  • Water jet cut silicone holders for increased utilization


  • Custom foam inserts for maximum protection during shipping
  • Box labeling can be created with company logo, branding and technical specifications
  • Individual or bulk packaging options

Engineering + Regulatory



  • Sterilization validation and feasibility testing coordination
  • Validated
  • FDA Registered
  • ISO 13485:2003 and NF EN ISO 13485:2012 Certified
  • CE Certificate
  • Early Release Prototypes
  • Production equivalent assemblies for review, testing, and fit verification


  • Solidworks 3D modeling + rendering
  • Technical drawings
  • Tray Designs

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