Preconfigured Bookwalter® Retractors Trays

This tray system is engineered to have a balanced weight distribution that meets the AAMI 25 lb. weight limit standard. We offer a two-level tray design made to accommodate the ring and blade components with an additional tray to store the table post and horizontal bar. Our two-tray system is organized for easy counting and safe for transporting. Note: The Mediflex® Bookler Retractor also fits in this tray.


Product Shown: IN-8700-R

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Bookwalter® Retractor Trays

Ring + Blade Tray


  • 1 (1″) Post Coupling
  • 1 Balfour Retractor
  • 1 Horizontal Flex Bar
  • 1 Harrington Retractor
  • 1 Medium Oval Ring
  • 1 Segmented Ring
  • 1 Gelpi Retractor
  • 2 (2×6″/51mm x 152mm) Malleable Retractors
  • 1 (3×6″/76mm x 152mm) Malleable Retractor
  • 2 (2×3″/51mm x 76mm) Kelly Retractors
  • 1 (2×4″/51mm x 110mm) Kelly Retractor
  • 1 (2×5″/51mm x 127mm) Kelly Retractor
  • 1 (2×6″/51mmx152mm) Kelly Retractor
  • 6 Tilt Ratchet Mechanisms
  • 2 Ratchet Mechanisms
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Ring + Blade Tray
22 1/2 L x 13 W x 4 1/2 H (in)
( 572mm L x 330mm W x 114mm H )
Wrapped Foot
Container Foot
No Foot

Post Tray


  • Table Post and Horizontal Bar
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Post Tray
25 L x 5 3/8 W x 3 H (in)
( 635mm L x 137mm W x 76mm H )
Wrapped Foot
Container Foot
No Foot
The Bookwalter® trademark is a registered trademark of Symmetry Surgical, Inc., or its affiliates in the United States and other countries around the world. Original Bookwalter® retractors are sold exclusively by Symmetry Surgical, Inc. The Mediflex® Bookler Retractor is registered trademark of Mediflex®.

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