InstruSafe By Summit Medical, an Innovia Medical Company

About Innovia Medical


Innovia Medical combines the experience and expertise of Shippert Medical, Summit Medical, Network Medical and Eagle Labs to help our medical professional partners elevate the delivery of care to improve patient outcomes.


We regularly seek feedback and input from doctors, nurses and other medical professionals throughout the product research, testing and development stages, as well as frequently update and customize products based on our medical partners’ requests and suggestions. This collaborative approach has resulted in industry-leading innovations for each of the four companies that make up the Innovia Medical family.


Each of our products deliver proven results and demonstrate dependability, which is the result of rigorous quality control and a relentless commitment to continuous manufacturing process improvements. We use only the highest quality materials, and subject all products to thorough product inspection protocols. This focus on product quality is why we’re proud to have many customers who have continued to rely on our product solutions since 1978.


From our sales representatives to our customer service team, and every associate at Innovia Medical, the delivery of an unrivaled customer experience is everyone’s most important job. This begins by ensuring that each customer receives the right product to meet his or her specific needs through our dedication to providing assistance through technical support, as well as through live customer service representatives who have extensive product knowledge. From order and shipping confirmations, delivery date communications and more, our team is here to provide quick and thorough responses every time.

At Innovia Medical, we know you’re committed to providing the very best care possible. Our goal is to be your trusted partner to help you every step of the way.


Get Exactly What You Need. Customizable Trays for Every Instrument.

Summit Medical, an Innovia Medical Company, is a medical device manufacturer located in St. Paul, Minn. The company was founded in 1982 with the mission of developing, manufacturing and marketing products for microsurgery. Learn More