InstruSafe By Summit Medical, an Innovia Medical Company

Fan-Tip Brushes

These brushes feature bristles that wrap around the front; ideal for cleaning bottles, jars and other large instruments.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Non-sterile

Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

Fan-Tip Brushes

0.512" (13mm) Tapered

2 Units

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Brush Head Diameter 0.512" (13mm)
Total Length 6" (15.2cm)
Brush Length 3" (7.62cm)

0.189"-0.5" (4.8mm-12.7mm) Tapered

2 Units

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Brush Head Diameter 0.189"-0.5" (4.8mm-12.7mm)
Total Length 7" (17.8cm)
Brush Length 3" (7.62cm)

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Summit Medical, an Innovia Medical Company, is a medical device manufacturer located in St. Paul, Minn. The company was founded in 1982 with the mission of developing, manufacturing and marketing products for microsurgery. Learn More

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